Glass - Iksa Menajang

Looking at lights

Passing through glass

Always keep me amazed

… Looking for the colors

… Looking for the distortions

… Looking for unusual sights

But do remember

Glass is fragile

And need to be clean.

[Jakarta 2014 .. On my way to Ujung Genteng]

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Orchid - Iksa Menajang

Beauty could be amplified

With a nice surrounding

… A simple foreground

… A subtle background

Things that do not compete

With the message conveyed.

Some times it is

Decided to remove

All distractions

By focusing on the beauty only.

… Let the darkness surround

Then the beauty wil be amplified.

[Jakarta 2014]

*** Learning to dodge & burn using Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush Tool.

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Leaf - Iksa Menajang

People has chosen

Votes has been cast

And by end of day

We can see

… Who is chosen to represent

… What party is winning

… New faces at the peoples representatives.

A time such as now

Always bring hope

For the people.

Such as the hope

We see on each new

Leaf of a plant.

[Jakarta 2014]

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Lombok Gili Trawangan - Iksa Menajang

When things go wrong


Most of the people will

See what ever is nearest

And most likely

The foreground they see

Is messed up

… Full of debris

… Lots of garbage

… Not interesting

And the background

Which is faraway

Is very tempting

… Beautiful to see

… Looks peaceful and calm

… Free of clutter

Is it the reality?

Be there,

Judge for yourself.

[Gili Trawangan, 2013]

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Lombok Gili Trawangan - Iksa Menajang

On the beach

Playing with kids

Or just sunbathing

Or even go on for a swim.

… Take time

… Have time

… Make time

For yourself

To relax

And enjoy life.

[Gili Trawangan, 2013]

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Gili Trawangan - Iksa Menajang

Back to nature,

Nice to say.

… But try looking at

… The dry areas of

… Your country.

Where the trees wilt,

The sand hot and dry,

The wind blows the sand,

And the sky is so bright.

All in a moment.

And suddenly the opposite could happen,

And drought turns into flood.

Still, try to keep the nature

Be a nice and green environment….

[Gili Trawangan, 2013]

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Lombok Merapi Batur - Iksa Menajang

Be careful

With how you

…. Think

…. Feel

…. Say

To and about others.

Look at the cliff ahead of you

You could fall

And hurt yourself

If you only look at

The mountains across the sea.

[Lombok, 2013]

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