When I see the sunken boat for the first time it was still noon, and tide was low so most of the boat could be seen. Luckyly the boat was in the direction of the sunset. But by sunset the tide has risen so about half of the boat was under water.

Actually it was not a full sunset with a round sun seen, because the sky is covered with clouds since noon. This is more a magenta sky due to sunset.


Sunken Boat At Sunset


This time I had the chance to try the Fujifilm XT-1 with it’s kit lens the 18-135 WR.

These are straight out of the camera results, shot using the remote application paired to my iPhone 5. I have not checked the result in a computer, since at the time being we are still waiting for our ferry to come.

Yes I am testing the camera in Tidung Island, about 90 minutes by ferry from Jakarta Ancol Marina.



Review, Snapshot, Street Photography

First Impression With Fujifilm XT-1 + 18-135 WR


Look at their faces,
Happiness all around the class,
This is the real inspiration,
Ability to be happy always.
[Kelas Inspirasi Jakarta, 2014]

Street Photography

Student In Class: Inspiring Or Inspired


The world we see,
Can be simple in Black & White,
But can be made complicated in color,
You decide how complicated,
Life the way you see and feel.
[Bromo, 2013]
BW version


Things Look Different In Color



Bromo mountains,
A sanctuary for Tengger Tribe,
One remaining Hindu practicing,
Far and high in the national park.
[Bromo, 2013]

Black & White, Landscape

A Classic View Of Bromo Mountains



Forgiveness granted to all,

Forgiving relieves your heart,

More than others.

So, forgive and have a new start …

[Bromo, 2013]

Landscape, Post Processing

A Time To Forgive