Bromo At Dusk

Things could not always be seen,

But still they are there,

Their existence based on knowledge,

That it is there eventhough not seen.

Not everything could be captured by us,

But we still believe it exists.

Believe. Trust.

Live is beautiful.

[Bromo 2013]


Bromo After The Sun Sets


Bromo Sunrise

Clouds hanging across,

Preserving coldness and serenity,

In the village of the Tengger.

Light bounced on the sands,

Creating winds that whisper,

Sound of the desert ..

[Bromo 2013]


Sunrise At Mount Bromo


Ulun Danu Temple

Sunrise at the temple,

Celebration of a new day,

Prayers are chanted,

Thankfulness sent to heaven,

Hopes are brought forward.

Sunrise brings warmth for the day,

Taking turn with the nights coldness,

At the Bedugul Lake.

So do life …

[Lake Bedugul, 2013]


Pura Ulun Danu – At Sunrise


Mahapatih Gajah Mada

One Motherland,

One Nation,

Guarded by strong and committed persons,

Inspired by the will of the people,

With the same dream,

Talking the same language,

Achieving the same goals,

People of the country.

[Madakaripura, 2013]


The Guardian


Ulun Danu Temple At Dawn

Early morning at the twilight zone,

Dawn is the time to enjoy,

Beatiful lights of the nature,

Such as the beauty high in the Bedugul lake,

Where Ulun Danu Temple was.

[Bedugul, 2013]


Pura Ulun Danu – Before The Sunrise


Bromo Clouds

The clouds are coming,

This is a new day,

A fresh start for all,

A new chapter opened,

White and comfort,

As the cloud is seen.

[Bromo 2013]



Clouds Are Coming



The secret,
To have a regular stream of orchid,
Is different for each kind,
Some need weather change,
Some require new shoots,
Others need stimulations,
But all should be a healthy plant first.
Adequate watering,
Fertilized media,
Adequate sun.
[Cipayung, 2014]

Flowers, Nature

Orchid Of The House Again