The world we see,
Can be simple in Black & White,
But can be made complicated in color,
You decide how complicated,
Life the way you see and feel.
[Bromo, 2013]
BW version


Things Look Different In Color



Bromo mountains,
A sanctuary for Tengger Tribe,
One remaining Hindu practicing,
Far and high in the national park.
[Bromo, 2013]

Black & White, Landscape

A Classic View Of Bromo Mountains



Forgiveness granted to all,

Forgiving relieves your heart,

More than others.

So, forgive and have a new start …

[Bromo, 2013]

Landscape, Post Processing

A Time To Forgive



A month is almost done,

The days of learning has come near the end,

Lessons learned and gained for a better future,

For self, mankind and humanity.

Prepare for a clean door,

The battle of life never ends,

But a clean start is always good.

[Batavia, 2013]

**End of Ramadhan in a few hours**

Black & White

Prepare For A Clean Door


Smiling Student

A smile brings many things,

Happiness of the person smiling,

Happiness to those who see it,

Joy to all.

Smile while you can.

[Kelas Inspirasi, Pulo Gebang 2014]


Student In Class: Smile


Pine Tree

Look up!

When you are outdoor,

It is always nice to see what is above you.

You will find many things worth to see.

In daily life, it is different.

[Rawa Pening 2013]


Under The Pine Tree


Pawon Senerek

Traditional cooking brings us,

To the past,

Giving a chance to learn,

And to reflect on history,

On the traditions of our ancestors,

Of best practices learned the hard way.

Pawon, is the heart of it.

Senerek is the melting pot.

[Magelang 2013]

Food Photography

Pawon Senerek