Honda Revo FI - Iksa Menajang
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Photoshop Content Aware Fill: The Honda Revo FI Photo

Honda Revo FI - Iksa Menajang

Photoshop have a powerful editing tool using Content Aware Fill. It is used to fill blank areas, in this case it will look for similarities in the blank area to the surrounding photo, and next it will try to fill by clone stamping and generating matching pictures. This is a trial and error functionality, so in simple things as filling clouds it is easy to create, but other things might not be so easy.

As with the picture above for my practice, the original is the second picture below and I think it is not the correct angle. So I just correct the angle with Lightroom’s Lens Correction, through some rotation and horizontal slider adjustment. And to maintain the size, I did not allow it to crop. So the result is as above, the 4 sides has blank images.

Next step I open the photo in Photoshop and one by one start selecting the blank sides, and to the selection added the Fill – Content Aware. Photoshop does the rest. For the top left (sky), bottom left (grass), bottom right (grass); the fill was easy and done in one time. But Photoshop seems a bit unsure of how to clone the trees in a nice way. So I have to create more mess to hide that part which is not properly done, anyway it wouldn’t be easily looked unless people are really looking at it.

This function in Photoshop helps a lot if you are making photos with ultra wide lens that needs to be adjusted, such as buildings and structures. This is also useful in stitching panoramic photos.

The full photos can be seen here Honda Revo FI.

Penggunaan Content Aware Fill

Bila karena proses edit kita menghasilkan bagian-bagian foto yang kosong, bisa digunakan Content Aware Fill untuk membantu mengisi bagian tersebut dengan mempelajari foto kita dan menduplikasikan area tersebut dengan sesuatu yang sesuai. Untuk hal-hal umum dan sederhana seperti awan nampaknya fungsi ini bekerja dengan baik. Kalau di foto yang saya kerjakan, rumput juga diisi dengan mudah.

Langkahnya sederhana saja. Kita lakukan seleksi pada sisi yang kosong, untuk bagian yang ada gambarnya kita cukup masuk beberapa pixel saja. Selanjutnya perintahkan Fill – Content Aware, tunggu sebentar dan terisilah bagian tersebut. Bila belum memuaskan kita ulang lagi, dan bila belum berhasil juga maka bisa kita lakukan sedikit-sedikit tidak usah sekaligus pada seluruh bagian.

Sederhana saja bukan.

Original Photo

Original Photo

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Honda Revo FI - Iksa Menajang


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